Saturday, 10 March 2012

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CRAYOLA  website suitable  for children education. This website has many fun activities for young  children  to expand and explore  their development. However, this website more focused  to the visual arts. This website is not just important for children, but it is also suitable for an educator and also for parentsThis website has a guide for parents and educators. It is simple method for teaching  and how to expand the development of children more effectively. This website has many sections as part of children's coloring, craft-making, part game, part for parents or educators and others. Through this website, children can expand the development of their creativity and aesthetics

Click here has over 1,000 free coloring pages. New coloring pages are being added every month. In this section have variety type of theme category for children to choose and coloured it.

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In this section have variety type of colourful craft had be done according the  theme category. The children can make their own craft based on instruction given. crayola considers the safety of children our top priority. The purpose of this guide is to inform educators and parents who engage in arts and  crafts activities with children to ensure safe and successful experiences.


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In this section the children can learn different types of game which useful for soft handed skills. It is easy way to play by understanding the instruction given and increased cognitive development. The children easy recognise the shape and colour of picture given.